Planetariane is the harmonious habitat where I – Ariane France Smith – live and work.

My work
I am asked to perform Petits Miracles all the time.
Petits Miracles in speed, accuracy and happiness: “You’re amazing.” “You’re the best.” “You’re a superstar.”
Thank you.  Glad you noticed.

I am asked for original copy, translations, adaptations, headlines, product names, speeches, dialogue, lyrics, editing, casting and directing – mostly in French – but also in English, Italian und German with the collaboration of colleagues in Montreal, Napoli und Berlin.
Plus I have fun doing it.  And I make the people around me enjoy themselves, and benefit from the results!

My Method
I know what is needed.  I know how to get there.  And I know when I have it.
It’s called experience.

My Showcase
A few productions with people from Toronto, Montreal, New York, London and San Francisco, who had a great idea and wanted to make it just as brilliant in another language.

My Life
In my life also I perform Petits Miracles in French, English, Italian and German.

Details upon request.